I am a Helsinki based artist who works with art and design. I use drawing, illustration, photography, words, and graphic design as my mediums of exploration. I'm interested in absurdity, clumsiness, and the process of abstraction. I graduated from Aalto University's Master's program called Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art, in which I explored themes of visual deconstruction and artist books.

I begin my work with leaving traces on paper, messes of lines, splashes of paint, words, and small shiny objects. I mix and organise them until they form a drawing, painting, collage of words, or a photograph. In my process I explore rhythm and the perception of movement, observing how different elements find their places in the space. I like to play with composition, repetition, and atmosphere, imagining that every line and form is alive and moving. 
The main question in my work is what happens when concepts and visual elements are turned around and combined in a new way, and how they create humorous and even meaningless combinations, absurd wordplays, and clumsy expression. I am inspired by nature, popular culture, music, design, and physics. Some pictures are filled with detail and others are minimal and repetitive, but they are all part of the same visual environment, every piece is a small bit of continuous expanding space. My intention is to create a world that flickers in the eyes and takes the viewer to the state of chaotic and funny lightness.